The Center for Sustaining Workflows and Application Services (SWAS) brings together academia, national labs, and industry to create a sustainable software ecosystem supporting the myriad software and services used in workflows as well as the workflow orchestration software itself. SWAS will grow, support, and sustain the ecosystem spanning the full range of analysis, simulation, experiment, and machine learning workflows. SWAS will ensure that researchers can rely on robust, portable, scalable, secure, and interoperable workflows software and application services.


The objective of the SWAS center is to identify critical software and develop a plan for sustaining this software that is tailored to the needs of this unique software ecosystem. SWAS will advance and sustain workflows and application services development, with entrusted validation and verification capabilities (via a community-endorsed sustainability model), so that these systems and application services can provide the functionality and robustness required by DOE science users.

Target Software

SWAS welcomes engagements with software teams and communities related to workflows and application services. We emphasize that "workflows" in this context represents the broad set of software and services users need to configure, orchestrate, and operate modern analysis, modeling, and simulation campaigns. Specifically, we seek engagement with the following communities:

Workflow Systems
Data Management Frameworks
Visualization Frameworks
AI/ML Tools
(used in modern workflows)
Application services

Stakeholder Communities

The primary stakeholders of the SWAS center are workflow researchers and developers, science and engineering users, and computing centers and facilities operators:

Workflows and application services that focus on general and specific domains, non-expert and expert users, and offer configuration-based interfaces, graphical interfaces, domain-specific languages, or programming language libraries or APIs.
Science and engineering communities to understand their current, imminent, and future workflow needs and challenges, and provide guidance for application, infrastructure, and software development. These communities are the groups most affected by the uncertain workflows landscape, and face the crucial need for robust and sustainable workflows software.
Computing centers and facilities operators (both public and private) to support the use and deployment of workflow and application services, and provide training to foster proper adoption of workflow tools and therefore offering pathways for sustainability.

Get Involved

The SWAS seedling effort is planning to organize an in-person workshop during Summer 2023.

Members of the SWAS team will be visiting several institutions and engaging in conversations with software teams and communities. Please, reach out to for more information.

SWAS Leadership Team

Ferreira da Silva
Rafael<br />Ferreira da Silva Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Kyle<br />Chard Argonne National Laboratory
Lavanya<br />Ramakrishnan Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Shantenu<br />Jha Brookhaven National Laboratory
Daniel<br />Laney Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory